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Casework advice documents

Though the cost of energy is an issue for all households, fuel poor constituents who face extortionate energy costs or live in coldest and least efficient homes are often the last to reach out for support.

National Energy Action’s research and publications are a core tool in our fight against fuel poverty, but this awareness of the assistance available to constituents is not always easy to find. Fortunately both NEA and the Department for Energy and Climate Change have provided some documents below that should help in any energy related casework sessions.

Fuel Poverty Action Guide

This practical NEA guide to help MPs, local authority councillors and advice givers answers most queries that feature as a result of confusing energy bills or various heating, home insulation and energy efficiency policies.

It also features education and advice on how to identify the fuel poor, varied ways of paying for energy, switching suppliers, and current government policies.

Keep warm this Winter

A pamphlet produced by DECC explaining how people can take action to lower their energy bills and have a warmer home.

Contents include

  • How to check your energy bills and get the best deal for your needs
  • How to reduce your energy use and save money on bills
  • Government schemes and support to help you pay your bills or insulate your home
  • How to cut your household costs and carbon footprint by generating your own energy

Energy Hints and Tips

We all encounter far too much energy jargon, much more than many other daily commodities. Whether it is difficulty reading your meter or your bill, the complexity surrounding these issues leaves vulnerable people confused and unable to properly budget their limited incomes.

NEA has provided various resources that should give your constituents the information they need to break through the jargon and better understand how their payments work. Go to www.nea.org.uk/advice.

If you’d like more help on how to advise your constituents on the rising cost of energy and ways to lower bills for the most vulnerable, why not get in touch at secretariat@fpeeg.org.uk.


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