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Rising energy costs consistently features as a major worry for all households.

One of the biggest problems with alleviating fuel poverty is the most vulnerable rarely know of the support available to them. Suffering households usually suffer in silence. In order to ensure the fuel poor and others are receive the help they need we have collected a number of resources that may assist in your casework sessions with constituents.

Support for your constituents

We’ve collected a few comprehensive resources detailing the various policies, advice and income maximisation programmes offered to the various causes of fuel poverty. If a constituent is living off the gas grid, having difficulty with their bill, unable to break through energy company jargon, or unaware of ways to reduce their energy costs; these helpful guides will spell out all known options and advice available.

Our Members

NEA’s members are as committed to alleviating fuel poverty as we are. Working throughout the UK or specialising in a certain region, their support to us, to you, or your constituents could make the difference between someone risking this winter in the cold or surviving in equal, accessable, warm standards available to the 21st century household.

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Find out more about NEA's research and policy work to alleviate fuel poverty for UK homes.