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Many organisations are members of FPEEG and support the work we do in parliament and throughout the UK. See below for list of all our supporters.

If you'd like your organisation listed, why not become a supporter of FPEEG

Affordable Warmth Solutions

Established in 2008 Affordable Warmth Solutions is a Community Interest Company that assists qualifying homes in the 25% most deprived areas in England by offering: New gas connections to consumers not currently connected to the Cadent gas distribution network. Free or discounted gas central heating systems to qualifying households. Income maximisation, energy efficiency and tariff advice.

Age UK

1.7 million older people in the UK can’t afford to heat their homes, and over a third (36%) say they live mainly in one room to save money.

Area Eco C.I.C

Area Eco is a nation-wide green energy services social enterprise. Area Eco offers its services both to domestic, public buildings, and commercial property owners and tenants who are looking to make their existing properties more environmentally sound and more energy efficient.  We seek to provide the finest green energy efficiency solutions for new constructions as well as existing… Read more »

Association of Local Energy Officers (ALEO)

The Association of Local Energy Officers (ALEO) is the new identity of the Carbon Action Network. ALEO is a not-for-profit organisation supporting local government officers and housing professionals with a remit for reducing all aspects of the UK’s domestic-sector carbon footprint and tackling fuel poverty.

Calor Gas

Calor is the UK’s leading supplier of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG).

Christians Against Poverty

We exist because nobody should be held hostage by debt and poverty. But the truth is that they are rife in the UK. In a society where people live behind closed doors, thousands are desperately poor. Unable to feed their children, incapable of paying to heat their homes in winter, the grip of poverty is… Read more »

Energy & Utilities Alliance

Founded in 1905, the Energy and Utilities Alliance (EUA) is a not-for-profit trade association that provides a leading industry voice to help shape the future policy direction within the energy sector. EUA also provides secretariat services to several other organisations within the sector. The Secretariat, located in the Midlands, provides a range of support services… Read more »

Energy Action Scotland

Energy Action Scotland (EAS) campaigns for an end to fuel poverty in Scotland and is the only national body with this sole remit.

Hubbub Foundation

We’re a charity that creates environmental campaigns with a difference. We’re positive and design playful campaigns that inspire people to make healthier, greener lifestyle choices, which more often than not help save money.  We concentrate on things people are passionate about and are relevant day-to-day, like fashion, food, homes and neighbourhoods. We keep things simple,… Read more »

Islington Council

Taking thousands of poorer households out of fuel poverty is the key to making Islington a fairer place.

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